Monday, September 17, 2007

Andie Valentino

Movements of Andie Valentino became faster, breath became frequent, and here, the hard jet of sperm has shot to it at a mouth. Andie Valentino zameshkalas for a second, and then has begun to suck with the double force, as though making up missed. My dick was reduced, throwing out strong jets to Valentino in a mouth. And here, the first drops of sperm have seemed on corners of its lips, it was discharged and some times has deeply swallowed, and has then nestled and began to lick my head slowly. Andie Valentino pulled out its hair, ironed cheeks, pounding on them sperm. At last it has cast away on a sofa and Andie Valentino nue have failed near to it. Hardly we had time to put into ourselves the order, at a door friends have called. Water for shrimps has boiled, beer was already enough cooled, and we have begun our small party. After the first thirst has been satisfied, to me the desire has returned, and at sights at Andie and its sponges in trousers at me my irrepressible member has started to pulse. We have sat a little more, have drunk some beer, have eaten shrimps. There has come awkward silence. To Tishin has unloaded Andie Valentino: - Want, Andie Valentino video to you shall dance? - it has offered. We have exchanged glances and with pleasure have agreed. We send to a room, settle on a sofa, Andie Valentino have included music. It has turned to us a back and has sat down. In a step to impacts of music it began to rise, being curved as a cat and soon we could see for a second its juicy popku. It has turned to us and has started to dance. Valentino breasts rocked in a step to its movements, raising our imagination. It liked to look at that effect which made on us its dance. Slowly dancing, it has pulled a lightning downwards and has stopped it hardly below the breast. To not give out excitation we convulsively have crossed legs. It has bent down, showing to us juicy breasts hardly covered by clothes juice with large brown dummies. Then Valentino has thrown off a jacket and one shoulder and has naked one breast. We were in ecstasy. Its raised dummies looked directly at us, teasing and attracting simultaneously. Having turned to us it was released by a back from a jacket unnecessary already and sharply having curved has turned to us.

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